We’ll be taking pre-orders at store.XM42.com starting Black Friday 11/24 @ 8:00AM MST for only $899 shipped anywhere in the US.

The pre-order window will close on 11/30 @ 11:59 MST. During this special pre-order period, customers will be given a free shirt, keychain, patch, and a $50 discount code to use toward the Ultralite backpack kit at any time! The first 50 customers to order an XM42-M will have their order shipped by Dec 15, 2017. The remaining pre-orders will ship by Jan 19, 2018.

We will continue to sell the XM42-M in our online store as an in-stock item February 1, 2018. If you want to ensure you get an XM42-M along with all the bonus gear, you’ll want to get in on the pre-order! The Ultralite backpack kit will be available for order (pre-order) by mid-December, and then will be in stock along with the XM42-M by February 1 as well.

You can also find the flamethrower at these top retailers soon as well as many others across the United States. Use the map below to find the dealer nearest you!


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