Oct 1, 2016

We’ve begun mailing out our fancy new Product Catalogs, targeted for dealers and resellers. From the very limited first run, we’ve already seen a massive influx in interest, which is very exciting.



Our distributor (www.preppergunshop.com) has recently expanded their operations into a new warehouse and will soon have a dedicated flamethrower sales department to help handle the rapidly rising XM42 orders from dealers across the country.

Here’s a quick look behind the scenes as we’ve been hustling here keeping everyone in stock.


cvbn-1Flat black bodies fresh from powder.

cvbn-3Stealth charcoal too. One of the top 3 sellers.

cvbn-4You can’t go wrong with Inferno Orange though. That deep sparkle…

cvbn-6Putting in work.



Keep watch, we’ve got some fun stuff in store…